Sunsweet and Digestive Health

When you add prunes into your daily diet, you can restore digestive wellness – and, even better, maintain overall balance to keep that Feel Good feeling going.

It’s more than just a good gut feeling.

Good digestive health isn't just about keeping your gut healthy – it's the cornerstone of whole-body wellness! And that's where prunes come in. We all know they're great for restoring your gut when things feel off, but prunes are actually best at maintaining the balance of your system, day in and day out!

Rich in Fiber

Each and every serving of prunes contains 3g of dietary fiber, an element that helps normalize digestion inside and out. A high fiber diet has been known to lower your risk of digestive disorders too!

Absorbs Slowly

The carbohydrates in Prunes are absorbed very slowly into the body. This drawn-out process allows for more water to enter the digestive tract – which increases moisture and regulates the digestive system.

From Nature

Unlike other digestive aids, prunes are from nature– meaning they give your gut all the good stuff without any of the bad stuff. So you’ll feel completely comfortable adding them to your daily routine.

Everyone has a gut.

From tiny tummies to those who are expecting – anyone can benefit from the digestive benefits of prunes. Because prunes are naturally-occurring fruits, they’re gentle enough for people of all ages and stages of digestive health. Enjoy the recommended 4-5 prunes or 8oz of prune juice daily to maintain a happy and healthy gut – and if you’re hesitant to try a full serving at first, try a half serving! Even smaller amounts have health benefits.

Sensitive stomach?

You can take a more balanced approach to balancing your digestive system! Start by adding prunes to your diet by drinking 4oz of prune juice or eating 2 prunes a day! Then, you can gradually work up to the daily recommended serving. It’s all about finding what works best for your body!