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For Whatever Your Day Has In Store

Grab A Nutrition Packed Bite

This healthy superfood snack will help you take on anything & everything. Low in sugar, full of fiber, and loaded with protein — it’s the kind of fuel your body craves before a big run or a long errand. And they taste great too.
So we’d say it’s about time to tell your other snacks to take a hike!

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Filling Fiber
Graphic showing 3 grams
Plant Protein
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Simple Ingredients
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Made with ingredients you can pronounce.

Our bites are made with only simple, naturally-sourced ingredients like almonds, dates, sunflower seeds, and prunes. And that sweet, delicious flavor? That’s just the fruit doing its thing. Flip over the bag and see for yourself.

Available in stores now!

Go get your hands on this snackable bite and take 'em on an adventure. Look for them at your local grocery store in the dried fruit or healthy snack section.


Available at the following locations:

Giant Eagle

Giant Foods 

Price Chopper

General Trading





Stater Bros






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