Corporate Responsibility

Sunsweet Corporate Responsibility Guidelines

At Sunsweet, we recognize the critical role we play in offering healthy fruits and beverages to our loyal and discerning consumers around the world. The vast majority of our products are grown in California, delivered to Sunsweet by our own owner-growers. We work with our grower-members and visit their farms on a continual basis to facilitate crop practices and navigate the challenges of producing the best quality fruit in our highly-regulated California environment.

We also source certain unique fruits and ingredients from other countries, and doing this sustainably requires that we balance the social, environmental and economic benefits and risks of all such products, including how they are procured, manufactured and used. 

It is important to Sunsweet, our customers and our consumers that suppliers comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Health & Safety: Suppliers must provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment that meets or exceeds applicable laws and regulations for occupational safety and health.

Wages & Work Hours: Suppliers must comply with all applicable minimum wage, overtime and maximum hour laws, as well as other wage and hour regulations.

Forced or Child Labor: Suppliers must not use forced labor or involuntary prison labor. Suppliers must not employ underage individuals as defined by applicable child labor laws.

Security: Suppliers must implement measures to secure our international supply chain and comply with all applicable customs and anti-terrorism laws.

Non-Discrimination: Suppliers must maintain a work environment that respects the dignity and worth of each individual and not discriminate on the basis of any protected factor or activity, as defined by applicable law or regulation. Suppliers must comply with applicable laws related to an employee's choice to join, or refrain from joining, any  legally sanctioned association or organization.

Environmental Responsibility: Suppliers must meet all applicable environmental rules, regulations and laws in the countries where they do business. In addition, we encourage our suppliers to consistently look for new and better ways to conserve resources, reduce the impact of products in use, and reduce manufacturing waste.

Product Certifications: In addition to standard safety and product stewardship assurances, we encourage suppliers to evaluate potential certifications as tools to verify and communicate the ongoing application of sustainable practices in sourcing, manufacturing and quality management activities.

Economic: Suppliers are expected to develop programs to drive long-term profitability, providing products and services that are preferred, creating greater value in the healthy foods and beverages produced for our customers and consumers, supporting economies through the purchase of goods and services, paying taxes and providing other forms of good citizenship and community support.

Anti-Corruption: We expect suppliers to operate with integrity. Suppliers must comply with the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act as well as any other anti-corruption laws in the jurisdictions in which they do business.

Financial Responsibility: Suppliers are expected to develop and apply appropriate internal controls, accountability and governance models that ensure accurate reporting and encourage financial stability.