Mighty Mango Smoothie

Mighty Mango Smoothie

One of the most overlooked leafy greens has found its home in our Mighty Mango Smoothie. This recipe combines a whole head of romaine with 3 of our favorite fruits – mango, lemon, and of course Prune Juice. Even though it’s loaded with vitamins and nutrients, this smoothie tastes anything but green.


Developed by Alyssia Sheikh of Mind Over Munch.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time

Serving Size: 1 cup (8oz)

Calories: 227

Sugar: 19g

Fat: 6g

Carbohydrates: 34g

Fiber: 7g

Protein: 13g


1 small head romaine (or ½ large), rough chopped
1 cup frozen mango
¼ lemon, rind and seeds removed
1 Tbsp cashew butter
½ cup Sunsweet Amaz!n™ Prune Juice
1 scoop pea protein powder (or protein powder of choice)


Add all ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth.


Pour smoothie into a glass and enjoy!