Amaz!n Prune Juice

Add a glass of Feel Good to your everyday routine and experience all the nutritional benefits of Sunsweet Prune Juice – including a few that are probably new to you!

Not your average fruit juice.

Turns out, prunes are basically a superfruit. Which makes prune juice a superjuice! And it’s true. By adding prune juice to your daily routine, it actually fuels your body with feel good nutrients. Our Sunsweet Amaz!n Prune Juice is made of 100% prunes – which means you’re getting a full burst of fiber, vitamins, and nutrients with every single sip. And because there are no other ingredients – and no added sugar – there’s nothing to distract from the naturally delicious flavor of The Feel Good Fruit.

So, what is Prune Juice?

Well, our plump and delicious pitted prunes (which, if you didn’t know, are actually dried plums!) are juiced through a steaming process that first rehydrates them. From there, the magic happens! We don’t want to give our secret process away, but essentially, they are simmered gently into a delicious juice full of the extraordinary and unique health benefits of prunes.

And what does it taste like?

Sweet, slightly tart, and totally refreshing! That’s what makes prune juice such a delicious beverage. Made with 100% pure prunes from our very own orchards – that perfectly sweet flavor is all thanks to nature and our Sunsweet Growers.

Looking for something a little lighter?

PlumSmart Light is made from our freshly-picked plums (before they become prunes!) so it has a slightly different flavor profile than our signature prune juice – it has a refreshing, light texture and crisp taste. But, it’s still a good source of fiber, with 3g per glass! That’s all to say – PlumSmart Light is an all-around great option if you’re craving something a little different than your daily glass of prune juice.