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Which Ones will you fall for?

Whichever you choose, you'll swoon over the indulgent tastes of our most craveable prunes yet.

A snack that finally checks all the boxes.

We took our perfect on-the-go, individually wrapped Ones and made them even more irresistible. Now, the Ones you love come dusted in decadent cocoa and infused with berry essence. They're sweet, with no added sugar. They're craveably delicious, with the nutrients your body craves. They're everything you've been searching for. Looks like you’ve found your soul snack.


Ready to fall for the Ones?

A match made in snack heaven, Berry Essence and Cocoa Dusted Ones are good for you and oh-so-good for you too. They'll make you believe in love at first bite.

Why are prunes The Feel Good Fruit?

Prunes are nutritional powerhouses. In fact, many even consider them a superfruit! And all you need to do to get in on all of those nutrients? Just enjoy 4 to 5 prunes every day!

Good source of key vitamins and nutrients
Supports healthy bones
Heart-healthy snack
Keeps you feeling full
Regulates your digestive system