Member Services

Sunsweet® is owned by 250 grower members, who represent 50% of California’s prune crop. Our members enjoy a stable home for their fruit, ensuring a sustainable business for prunes. As industry leaders, Sunsweet adheres to the best growing practices yielding the highest quality fruit. Our commitment to innovation helps people lead healthier lives, providing consumers with the delicious benefits of Amaz!n™ Prunes, in new and convenient ways.

With 10 Field Representatives located throughout the entire state of California's prune growing regions, Sunsweet's Member Services Department is committed to keeping our growers up to date on current farming practices, market conditions and industry affairs. No packer in the industry has the breadth of knowledge or experience that our Member Service Department has; if you have any questions about the prune industry, either as a Sunsweet Member or as a potential grower, please do not hesitate to give us a call. With our strategic drying locations throughout the state combined with our Membership contracts and Outside Purchase Agreements....we have a contract that will fit your needs.

Melvin Ward Photo
Melvin Ward
Vice President,
Member Services & Dryers

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Tracy Atondo
Membership & Dryer Services Coordinator

Sunsweet® Dryer Locations

Sunsweet has drying facilities throughout the state of California. This ensures the fruit is dried quickly after harvesting, resulting in peak flavor and quality.

Sunsweet® Dryer Managers