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Sunsweet has a unique culture where professionals of every job title thrive. We are a team of amazing people who produce incredible results. If you want to be a part of something bigger than yourself and work in an environment where results are achieved with integrity, Sunsweet may be a great fit for you.

We are really trying to build a culture here where we look to grow and it’s not just grow revenue, we’re trying to grow people.

—Dane Lance, President & CEO

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Sunsweet global headquarters reside in Yuba City, known for being an agricultural hub in California’s Central Valley. Sunsweet Growers Inc, owned by a family of 270 prune growers, is also the world’s largest handler of dried fruits including prunes, dates, apricots, mangos and more. Sunsweet processes more than a third of the worldwide prune market.

It's really a good feeling to work for a company that's so committed to community, to family and to their growers.

—Brandon Sanders, Credit & Accounts Receivable Supervisor

We’re committed to helping consumers lead healthier lives with a wide range of innovative products that taste delicious, while providing convenience and nutrition. We welcome you to explore opportunities at all of our locations throughout California and at our production facility in Fleetwood, Pennsylvania.

Sunsweet has provided me with everything that I need at a professional and personal level.

—Christine Lau, Director of Tax & Benefits

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