Gift Pack

Snacking Essentials Basket

Elevate someone’s snack game with a charcuterie-inspired gift, complete with a beautiful wooden tray with iron handles. This gift has it all – Cranberries, 6oz Sunsweet Ones, Berry Essence Ones, Amaz!n Prune Fruit Packs, Apricots, Cherries, Pitted Dates, Mesquite Smoked Almonds, and Bloody Mary Almonds. Happy snacking!


Sunsweet Cranberries 6oz

Sunsweet Apricots 6oz

Sunsweet Prunes Fruit Packs 6ct/0.9oz

Sunsweet Pitted Dates 8oz

Sunsweet Cherries 5oz

Sunsweet Ones 6oz

Sunsweet Berry Essence Ones 6oz

Jakes Mesquite Roasted Almonds 7oz

Jakes Bloody Mary Roasted Almonds 7oz

Wooden Tray with Iron Handles