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Prune Juice Light – “I love the new Prune Juice Light and the taste of the product. Thank you!”
- Selma, FL

Prune Juice Light – “I love the flavor of Prune Juice Light!”
- Bob, OH

Prune Juice Light – “Thank you for making a low sugar prune juice.”
- Stephen, FL

Prune Juice – “My husband are great fans of your prune juice product. It is just amazing and we are just hooked up to having it all the time in our house. At any given time there is at least a full bottle lying in my pantry. It is great for use everyday and has proven life changing for my husband, he has a lot of health issues and some of them he has have also failed the doctors, they cannot diagnose them, but as he started drinking prune juice the problems have reduced to almost 50% which has led me to write this to u.”
- Twinkle, FL

Prune Juice – “Hope all is going well. My wife and I drink your prune juice daily, and it is the only brand we trust. There is a substantial difference in quality and taste with your brand. We buy a bottle weekly, and it has been very helpful for both of us.”
- Michael, MD

Prune Juice – “I live in Brazil and recently discovered in a supermarket the Pune Juice with Pulp. Since I began to consume him, got considerable improvements in my digestive system. It was one of the best discoveries I've made for my health lately. Besides being delicious, is good for health.”
- Rogerio, Brazil

Prune Juice – “Just wanted to let you know how much my husband and I love your products!!! We start everyday with your prune juice. Keep up the AWESOME job.”
- Bonnie, IL

"I have been buying PlumSmart for the past year. I found this to be a great glass of juice and it's now my favorite."
Josephine, Portland

"I have been a delighted user of your Prune Juice for at least 40 years. I found your brand to be superior to others, both in taste and healthful potassium."
Lester, Florida

"I am a big fan of Sunsweet Prune Juice and drink it on a regular basis. Thank you for making such a fine product!"
Margie, New Jersey

"I saw the plum juice with fiber and he not only loves it but he actually had 3 bowel movements today without any discomfort. Thank you,"

"I must tell you I am in love with your new product - Plumsmart. My 4 year old daughter, since she was very tiny, has had problems with her bowels. We tried numerous dietary changes to no avail. She had been put on a medication to help her with this situation toward the beginning of the year and although it does help, it is not something I wish her to remain on for an extremely long period of time due to the possible long-term side effects.>/

Along comes Plumsmart and I must tell you, it has helped her tremendously. Not only does she enjoy the taste and even asks for the "Plum Juice" over any other beverage, it has apparently lessened and hopefully will remove the need to take the medication.

Thank you for developing this wonderful new product. Your company has truly made a difference in a little girl's life."
Veronica, Stratford, CT

"After an extended stay in the hospital I returned home with an upset stomach. An astute visting nurse suggested a regimen of Sunsweet Prune Juice instead of the laxatives and Pepto Bismol, and other medicines suggested by the hospital.

Folks, I am 91, back in full swing, relishing each day and regretting not following such a diet before. I have always eaten Sunsweet Prunes as a snack, but now a subscriber for your Sunsweet Prune Juice and you may quote me on it."
George B. Sr., Rhode Island

"I've just recently started drinking PlumSmart juice. The taste of this juice really surprised me. I was expectinga thick fibrous drink and yet to me this juice tastes really close to grape juice. It has helped my digestive system and I've only been consuming the product for two weeks. Thanks for the product and you have a dedicated consumer to your products." Diane

"I just tried PlumSmart for the first time -- I've had digestive problems all my life, and this product seems to be beneficial for me. Not only does it have a soothing effect, but it seems to be helping straighten things out inside! Thanks for making PlumSmart!"
Cathie, Utah

"My friend/neighbor has had stomach problems for months and was prescribed a variety of medications, but none had worked for her. Yesterday, she saw the commercial about PlumSmart Juice and she asked me to pick up a bottle of it so she could try it. I have to tell you, she is in love with it...She hasn't felt this good in months and says that she is going to tell her doctor a "thing or two" about all the medications she's been put on and taken off (not to mention the cost)! I asked her if she wouldn't mind my putting her testimonial on your website and she was thrilled that I was doing it.

Thanks for helping my friend with your PlumSmart Juice. Since she is a witness to how it's worked for her, I am definitely going to get it for myself, too ;-)"
Irene & Susie, Stockton CA

"I have mixed and drank a morning cocktail of Sunsweet Pulpy Prune Juice and Metamucil for 10 years. I suffered from diverticulitis and high blood pressure before drinking this cocktail, and my doctors are now amazed with my recuperation from both. Only Sunsweet Pulpy PJ will make the difference. Please circulate this information to help others." Mr. Rodrigues, Sacramento CA

"I recently had back surgery which caused many complications in my recovery process. 12 ounces of PlumSmart each day allowed my digestive system to get back on track. It is wonderful to have such a healthy product available without any side effects. I am very proud to be a part of this company providing healthful solutions to our many consumers."
Art Driscoll II, President & CEO, Sunsweet Growers, Inc.

"I wanted to thank the Sunsweet company for making PlumSmart and I would like to share with you a very surprising and wonderful benefit that I found after using PlumSmart. I have had chronic allergies (dust, grass, ragweed, mold, et) for over 15 years that I have treated with various medical modalities: convention medicine/allergist that prescribed monthly shots with a daily Clairitin pill, over the counter cold/sinus medicines that included Benedryl or Advil Cold & Sinus, etc. Convention medicine did not help after 5 years of the prescribed therapy and I began to investigate over the counter alternatives to eliminating my allergic reactions. When I would visit alternative health food/vitamin stores, I was told that allergies originate from the bowels. Many suggested a bowel cleansing therapy with pills and other things that did not seem acceptable to me. So.......I think that I have finally found the solution that is acceptable to me and I am happy to say that it involves your product PlumSmart. Since I have begun drinking your product on a daily basis I have found that my allergy symptoms have significantly subsided and I think that your company needs to do a clinical study regarding the allergy issues that PlumSmart helps. I know that it would help your sales of the product as well as eliminating the population of colds/allergy/sinus issues. "
Janet - Columbus, OH

"I've been drinking PlumSmart at breakfast for almost a year now -- great product."
Tom in Burr Ridge, Illinois

"I really like Plum Smart. It has a much better flavor than a lot of juices, and I buy it very, very often. It's great............"
D. Kostielney